Back Doored with Governmental Stupidity

You have to wonder what direction our country is
heading in when you hear things like this…

Because in an age when crime and terrorism are
running rampant in America and we fear for our
safety… we have a senator in Washington who wants
to change the names of certain places that offend

Now to put this into context…

Apparently there are nearly 1,500 federally
recognized places in the United States that
contain racial slurs.

So the question is… how far are they going to take

And how much time and taxpayers money will be
wasted in this obsession about being politically

You see, changing a place name is a complicated

Each request gets passed from department to
department with ridiculous amounts of red tape

But here’s the point…

The government should be focusing their resources
on improving the economy and the safety of our
people; not on nonsense like this.

So what has this got to do with trading options?

Well, the average person wastes their time and
money in a similar fashion.

They listen to talking heads on T.V. or are
aimlessly occupied by trivial and unimportant
things that do nothing to enrich their big picture
goal, such as their health and wealth.

Now, I’m no expert on health, but I do know it’s
important if you want to have have a better chance at living longer
and the reason I get after it 6 days a week in the

I also don’t train myself, I go to gym with
professionals that know what they are doing and do
it everyday.

What I am an expert in though it building wealth
and I do know a great way to do that is with
trading options.

It’s worked well for me over the years, and I know
it can for you too.

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Joshua Belanger

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