You Can’t Buy Yourself Stock Market Returns

This morning I was reading an email from my friend
Tom Sosnoff over at tastytrade.

In his daily email to readers, he wrote a little
blurb about why people hire professionals to
manage their money, rather learning to do it

While our mission is the same as teaching active
investors how to creates success with trading
options, I don’t entirely agree with what he

He believes people do it because it’s cheaper to
buy their way out of the responsibility for
learning than to do it.

What he means is that people rather pay someone
else to blame if things don’t work out rather than
take on the responsibility themselves.

While some of this is true, I think there’s more
to it than that.

Some people are lazy and they want to blame others
no matter what, that’s life and it’s their choice.

That has no bearing on what we are after and you
should be thankful for people like that because it
makes it easier for us to get what we are after.

Thankfully, we live an a world where full of
freedom and choices.

Our economy works by this simple notion, someone’s
spending is another person’s income.

Our economy wouldn’t be as productive as we are if
we did everything ourselves.

However, there are a few things I believe every
person must learn to do themselves.

The first one being, managing their money and

If you had a child, would you hire some other
family to raise it?

No! Right?

You want to grow with that child and be involved
as much as possible.

There’s no guarantee your child is going to turn
out to be successful or a productive member of
society when they grow up.

All you can do is teach them all the right
principles and knowledge to have a better chance
of making the right decisions.

Money and human life aren’t the same, but I think
you can understand what I mean, right?


You worked hard to create value in exchange for
that money and now you have to protect it.

In some cases, protecting your money is just as
tough as making it.

Just like a child, you can’t protect it by locking
it in a closet.

Just like the financial markets, you can’t control

Being a good parent is similar to being a good
investor, you focus on doing the right things and
let the probabilities work out.

Being a parent is tough and why I think creating
success with taking money from the market is
easier and clearer.

You can focus on what has been proven to work and
eliminate the noise of opinions.

If you haven’t figured out the right approach for
your money with protecting it and know how to take
money from the market using options; then this is
going to be your favorite bedtime story every

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

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