Crabs and Globalization

It’s a dirty word to almost everyone.

… But most are wrong about globalization.

The left sees the exploitation of the world’s

The right sees the exploitation of First World

The powers that be state their version of
globalization involves political centralization
and regulatory harmonization.

There’s probably some former Ron Paul supporters
who think globalization is a bad thing that causes
suffering, and I understand why they think so.

I don’t agree, and this way of thinking is just

The Crab Mentality is when you put two crabs in a
bucket, but when one of them tries to get out of
the bucket, the other will pull it back even
though the other crab could easily get out as

It’s a perfect example of “if I can’t have it,
neither can you.”

A prime example of this is when someone invents
something that betters our life; some people think
it only benefits the inventor because he earns the
money from their invention.

Because we have to pay for it, we don’t benefit.

Of course not, we all benefit from inventions such
as automobiles, elevators, lights and even
personal computers.

I see the similar thinking with those in the
financial markets.

They think it’s a zero sum game.

If they win, there’s a loser on the other side.

However, the more that win and have the know-how
on managing risk; the more participants there are
in the marketplaces with generates more wealth.

I know it’s easy to become a skeptic, and you
should be, but the world is still a good place,
and they’re people like me who want to continue to

I know twelve others who aren’t looking to keep
you down either and can show you how to generate
returns trading your money as they do.

I encourage you to listen to them share their
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To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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