Cure for Shell Shock Investors and Traders

Likely you’ve had a large loss that may have
either blew out your account or saw your life
savings slashed more than half.

For some, they become shell shocked after that

In no way am I comparing the trauma World War 1
soldiers endured to the loss of money in the
financial markets.

War is the ultimate extreme, but this was the only
example I could think of on how significant losses
affect those who have endured them.

What usually happens is that most, when they start
out, want to generate instant profits now!

So they don’t take the time understand how to
manage risk or know how they will react when a
position does go against them.

They take on too much risk, and the odds played
against them, which forced a massive loss.

Those who go big, lose big.

It makes us feel like the unluckiest person ever,
but it’s just odds.

If you sit at the table long enough, it will
always turn against you.

I had this happen to me in 2010 with enduring the
largest loss I’ve ever had with a position in the
stock BP p.l.c.

After that day, I vowed to learn from that mistake
and never allow it to happen again.

That loss rocked my confidence.

I was embarrassed, ashamed and disgusted with

There I was a so called professional and expert,
and I just wiped myself out.

It took me a while to learn from it, forgive
myself and move on: but I’m glad it happened to me
then and not further down the road.

That is the thing that cripples investors and
traders right off the bat.

They take a significant loss and mentally they are
not able to overcome it.

It takes so much of a toll that they become so
risk adverse they never do anything with their

They worry more about losing it, then trying to

That is why it’s so important to start out small
and always stay small.

Then there are some who start to make progress
after a large loss, but then lose their gains
because they got cocky with their success and then
leverage too much because they are trying to make
back that “lost money.”

Lost money is just that, lost money.

That battle is over; there’s nothing you can do
about it.

However, you can control what happens going
forward with focusing on staying consistent and
doing the right things that will help you create

If you’re seeking that blueprint which will help
you avoid blowing out your account or become so
scared to manage your money that you will pay to
professional to “protect” your money, then this
book is exactly what you’ll want to get right now.

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

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