Why I Don’t Invest in Stocks

A fellow Sizzler wrote in yesterday asking, “You
don’t discuss a lot about investing in stocks,

There’s a good reason why and remember, this is
just my opinion.

Very few probably know a high-level executive at a
publicly traded company.

However, let’s pretend you lived next door to one.

If you owned shares of the company and asked them
any question related to the business that wasn’t
already made public, they’d tell you it’s against
the law.

Now there are good reasons why this is, but that’s
the reason why firms and investors created things
like P/E ratios and such to provide confidence on
why a stock maybe a great buy.

The truth is that no one knows because all the
relevant information to run a business is unknown
until everyone is told at the same time.

And even then not all the details are released.

There’s no edge, and all you’re doing is following
everyone else.

That is why I’m adamant about having control of
risk and having an edge.

People lie, but the options don’t.

There are times the options market doesn’t get it
right, but that is a less likely outcome.

The way I trade options removes the fundamental
and technical noise and allows me to just focuses
on the probabilities.

I can’t say fundamental and technical analysis
doesn’t work.

I just haven’t seen it work, and my approach fits me.

I approach investing into businesses the same way as
I trade options.

I like to invest in small private online
businesses that have shown to be consistent
cash-flow generators.

With private companies, I can look through every
detail necessary and create favorably structured

It provides more control and can sell them off
when I make back the investment.

I believe this is the perfect 1-2 combo for any
portfolio that wants to creates diversification,
cash flow and above-average returns.

That is why I talk about other investment
opportunities other than trading options.

If you want to learn my approach to trading
options, then check out the book I wrote called:


To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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