Dump and Pump Option Signals

I was sitting at my computer yesterday morning
reviewing my positions.

It was about 8:50 CST when all of a sudden, I got
a ping from… Mr Prop.

Who’s Mr Prop?

He’s one of my institutional connections who works
on a trading desk in New York.

I have something very special to announce about Mr
Prop, which I will share with you in a few
seconds, but he told me about this unusual options
trade, which hit the tape seconds before.

He said, a buyer of 516 TLRD May 2016 14 strike
puts bought at 80 cents.

For most, they would have no idea what this means
or why it’s meaningful, however, I know what he’s
telling me, there’s some sizzle.

So I quickly typed in the ticker symbol to check
it out.

I quickly looked at the order flow and noticed
that there’s been a buyer of puts right at the
start of the open.

For this stock, this is unusual because on a good
day it only trades a few hundred contracts and
already 30 minutes into the trading session; the
volume has started to exceed the average daily

The stock at that time was trading around $13.04.

Fast forward a few hours to 12:05 CST, all of a
sudden shares spike lower hitting a low of $12.34.

They did rebound quickly but ended the day down
$1.12 or 7.91%.

Those May 14 puts closed at $1.10 per contract and
had hit a high of $3.60 where ten contracts traded
on that quick spike lower.

What had happened is this firm named Citron
Research said they have taken a short position in
the company and may look to issue their findings
next week.

This firm is notorious for this kind of non-sense.

In fact, Mr Prop has picked up on their tracks
with buying options ahead of a press release that
has moved the underlying previously 5 times this

That is why it always comes back to the importance
of knowing about this type of order flow and
having the opportunity take advantage of it.

Now for the news about Mr Prop.

As many of you know, I stopped providing a service
a few years ago.

Before I stopped, it was ranked top 10.

I stopped because it took too much of my time.

However, over the years, many had asked about a
service that provides trade ideas from unusual
options activity.

I’ve been in talking with Mr Prop for a few months
and we are actually in the process of finalizing a

The service will provide trade ideas from unusual
options activity he spots and my exact way to
trade it, which will give you the best probability
of success.

Now, this isn’t the holy grail and a complete
approach to trading options.

It’s speculative and should only be a small piece
of your trading plan, but it’s exciting when you
get involved.

The reason we can’t name Mr Prop is that he works
on the institutional side and revealing his name
could cause a huge issue.

I rather keep him under wraps and utilize the
inside information he receives on the desk that
can help you gain a little more of an edge.

We plan to announce the start of the service in
the new two weeks.

In the meantime, I’m going to release the Hot
Money Options Trading Course next week.

Keep on eye out tomorrow for a special link to
purchase at a discounted amount.

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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