Generating Juice Like an Odds Maker

While laying out by the pool drinking a Pina
Colada reading a few articles on my phone two
weeks ago in Mexico, I was reading about this
software that monitors Internet activity and
then compares the patterns to historical data.

Apparently, it ACCURATELY predicts when political
unrest or terrorist attacks are likely to occur.

They base their reasoning on the Internet being
littered with material that provides important
clues about where and when the next attack will

Yeah, right!

At least they admit the software won’t replace
human analysts.

If they didn’t, I’d be seriously worried about our
safety if it ever did.

Think about it…

It’s the same principle as traders who rely on
charts to predict the future as well.

Just about every trader swears by charts who uses

In fact, some couldn’t live without them and would
feel crippled.

But… You have to ask yourself the question:

If charts were that and predicted the future
direction greater than the 50/50 coin flip, then
why do most people struggle with taking money and
keeping it from the market?

Point being… I don’t believe past information is
going to provide you with any more of a higher
probability than a coin flip.

Personally, I much prefer taking advantage of
opportunities where there are obvious extremes in
the marketplace that are based on fear and greed.

It’s how I successfully make strategic decisions
on a consistent basis.

I refer to it as our Marketplace Expectation
Probability (M.E.P) Model and an excellent
comparison to this is the edge casinos and
oddsmakers create at Vegas.

It’s the only way to reduce risk by diversifying
their risk across a wide variety of areas.

And it’s smart because a few bad situations won’t
take them down.

Why do you think they’ve lasted so long and will
continue to do so?

Makes sense… right?

So if you’d like to learn how to operate your
trading business like a Vegas casino with the
(M.E.P) Model, grab your chips and head on over

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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