Do You Want To Receive The Best 'Hot Money' Trade Ideas Everyday?

If you believe in following the same trades put on by heavy hitters are putting big money behind will provide you more success and confidence, then keep reading on.

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on options trading and spend HOURS watching webinars, twitter posts and listening to the talking heads on TV.

Maybe spend countless hours staring at charts, searching for that one indicator, strategy, tip or trick that will give you that next home-run trade.


Wouldn't it be easier to simply follow the 'Money Trail' left in the options market by these heavy hitters?

Let me share a story from when I was working on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

When I first started out as a runner, I was always interested in why some independent floor traders were always making money while others would eventually go bust.

I'd study these great traders…day in and day out. Hoping that I too could follow in their footsteps.

Since I was green behind the ears, I started to understand more and more. 

I also realized that I could piece together every trade they were doing since I was picking up their trading cards. 

Then I finally had that 'Aha' moment!

I noticed that the street savvy floor traders were only trading at certain times.  

In fact, they were only coming in when large buy or sell orders came in from the big money traders like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lehman, etc.

They were simply piggy-backing off their big money ideas.

For example, I’d watch the “locals” trade when they saw big firms put on above average sized trades.

They would copy the order and try to “scalp” because those large orders had the power of moving the market for a short period.

After I figured it, it made a LOT of sense.

The same phenomenon happens all the time in the options market.

 large option trades are placed by some of the sharpest and well capitalized players on the street. These informed traders may have an army of analysts, numerous research departments and access to CERTAIN information that we don't.

They’ve literally done all the homework for us…

We can detect the best opportunities from these smart money traders… and profit alongside them.

let me explain it like this...

How many people do you know that have a $50 million dollar account?

Likely no one.

Just recently we spotted a large trader placing a $1 million bet that Tyson Foods would rise 10% over the next 1-2 months.That's a big all or nothing bet.

Now if this trade was 2% of their account that would make their total trading account worth $50 million.

That is why we follow the largest option trades in the world.

We don’t personally know these traders, even if I did they wouldn't share their best ideas.

However, when they place a trade on the open market it becomes public information in milliseconds.

In other words, the largest traders in the world are telling us where they think a particular stock is headed. They are risking large sums of money to try to make fortunes.

We can decipher the best ideas from this "Hot Money" so we can directly profit off the same stock option plays they do.

Before the term “unusual options activity” became a household name on the internet and social media… We had one of the first websites dedicated to this specialized form of trading—back in 2008.

During that time I started posting some of my notable calls, we started to generate a great deal of media attention.

One of the many notable ones that our system picked up were sneaky late day call buyers on a Friday in a regional bank called New York Community Bancorp, Inc (NYCB) about 30 minutes before the market close. 

What made this so unusual is that why would someone need to rush in near the market close... And buying calls ahead of a weekend in which they would lose value?

Shortly after the market close that evening a press release was released announcing that New York Community Bancorp was taking over the assets of another bank (those calls doubled in value that Monday).

That market call got the attention of Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, The New York Post, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswire, Yahoo Finance, and the Wall Street Journal. 

Wouldn't you like to be in option moves like that before they skyrocket?

You can! 

Each day my team and I review hundreds of unusual options trades that occurred that day.

For a select group of our clients, we will filter out all the noise and provide 1-3 ideas to trade this type of “hot money” activity while also having the chance to make money and learning how to trade unusual options effectively in the markets right now.​

It's all part of a service I call Hot Money Options Trader… And it's one of the most popular things we publish.

If you are interested in one of the cheapest possible ways to receive a world class education about unusual options activity, understand how to trade options effectivity and some of the best trading ideas on the planet... let me explain the details…

You may never see this offer again

First, what exactly is Hot Money Options Trader?

Well... the goal of this service is to help you learn a safer options trading approach following unusual options activity to generate income and market-beating returns.

For example, it’s my goal to show people how to leverage options in safer way to reduce risk, create predictable outcomes that would collect more income than you'd make by simply holding the stocks.

We also use unusual options activity to follow the “Hot Money” on quick high-upside trades, which maybe money betting on a "boom and bust" sector, commodities, biotech, or emerging markets.

And we teach our mechanical approach to getting the best return on risk with managing losses before entry and winners for maximum gains.​

Every weekday around 5:00 p.m. eastern time, we will send you an email with 1-3 ideas to trade with valuable insight that teaches you how to structure trades, why certain options should be avoided and understanding the probabilities.

One thing you should keep in mind, however:

While Hot Money Options Trader highlights the best 1-3 ideas to trade following unusual options activity in the market, it is not a "trade of the day" service.

Our service teaches you how to approach trading options in a smart and strategic way that is based on numbers.

It's not a one trade, get rich service.

You will receive an average of about 1-3 new trade recommendations per day, but that’s not guaranteed because sometimes market is just dull or underlyings are not liquid enough.

If you're looking for a service that will train you how to become a better investor and a better options trader, look no further.

When you subscribe to Hot Money Options Trader you'll also have immediate access to our members only instruction ‘cheat sheet’ PDF on how to get the most from the service.

We must limit to only 100 members.

This is to ensure we can provide the best support and not have too many that would move the market.

This could be your big breakthrough and what finally gets you over the hump from the struggling non-confident and frustrated investor, to a financial savvy money making machine.

Here's how it Works:

If you're interested, you'll have the next 60 days to receive Hot Money Options Trader and have a look at it for yourself.

If you don't like it, simply give us a call within those 60 days and we will refund the $2400.00 you've paid.

Otherwise, do nothing... and once your 60-day trial period ends, we'll lock-in your annual subscription rate at $2400.00.

Keep in mind: You're under no obligation.​

If at any time after your trial period you decide Hot Money Options Trader is not for you, simply give us a call. We'll cancel your subscription on the spot, and your payments will stop immediately.

Hot Money Options Trader is one of the best bargains we've offered in 8 years of business.

For just $208 per month, you gain access to some of our best option trading ideas, market insights and real-time options education… every day the markets are open.

The fact is, if you want to profit alongside the option market insiders following the “Hot Money” in today's market - learn how to trade option strategies that could help you generate regular income, which took years to develop - this is, by far, the best and cheapest way to do it.

Frankly, if you're even remotely considering a look at Hot Money Options Trader, it makes sense to try it now before all the spots are gone.

You’ll not only secure your spot, but it's the only way to get in at one of the lowest rates we'll ever offer for this service.

To get started right now, fill out the secure order form below.

After clicking the continue button, your order for Hot Money Options Trader will be immediately processed, and your credit card will be charged $2,499.95. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.

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