How Ordering Food Online Is Like Trading Options

They say, “variety is the spice of life.”

Last month, temperatures were below freezing, here in Chicago. There was no way I was going to step outside to get food. I was ordering in. Now, the great thing about being in the third largest city in the U.S., is that there are a lot of food options to choose from.

There is such a variety of cuisines, it can even become a hassle sifting through all the menus and deciding what you actually feel like eating. Even worse, if you’ve got to make a mutual decision with a partner or loved one… God forbid, you two disagree on a food choice.

The only thing you can agree on is that the weather is too bad and you’re ordering in.

Here’s where it gets fun!

So you go online and use a service, like Grubhub, to get some food delivered…

But once you get to the website, you’re overwhelmed with all the options. Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese, Caribbean, American, Indian or Italian food…they’ve got it all.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can spend half an hour to an hour reading menus, changing the type of cuisine a few times, and still not decide what you want to eat.

Is it gonna be pizza, sushi or whatever? …it’s not always easy, when you’ve got so many choices.

This reminds me of the concerns you might have.

Specifically, your concerns pertaining to options, and how to use them, successfully, to generate positive returns.

First, it’s our belief, at OptionSIZZLE, that everyone should be using options in some form or another, if they’re invested in the financial markets.

We know, for those just learning about options, there is a lot of jargon, strategies, and techniques…you name it…the terminology can trip someone up, even before they learn the ropes.

That’s why I wrote a book, Fearless Investing With Options, which was created to reduce your learning curve and teach you a powerful approach to investing with options…an approach that continues to work to this day.

It’s the book I wish I had, when I first started trading options. I think it would’ve helped me avoid some of my early losses…which at the time, stung like a bee.

Now, getting back to our earlier example about ordering food online…one thing I do is narrow down my search to places that can only deliver. In addition, I check where the places are located, giving a high priorities to the places closer.

By doing these two simple steps, I’ve filtered a lot of noise out.

Once my search is narrowed, I might move on and read some reviews; trying to figure out whether customers had good or bad experiences.

This should narrow down my list to just a handful of choices.

Now, when it comes to investments, there are literally thousands of stocks that have tradable options.

What to trade, let alone how to trade them can be overwhelming.

One way to quickly filter them out is by liquidity. By trading stock or options that are heavily traded, you are trading the most competitive markets. This will ensure smoother entries and exits…and helps reduce making execution mistakes.

However, this is just one important step of the process….

If you’ve ever seen major league baseball players step up to plate, you’ll notice that their routine is consistent…pretty much every time they go up to bat. For them, that routine gives them comfort, the ability to relax, and solely focus on the pitcher.

Fearless Investing With Options

How To Prosper With Options In Any Type Of Market To Create Wealth, Freedom & Options

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Now, there are several strategies one could use to trade options. However, instead of focusing on trying to pick the right stocks…and whether their prices will go up or down.

I look to take a non-bias approach, most of the time…making bets against the crowd, who get overwhelmed by their emotions.

In the world of options, one can gauge the fear and greed of the crowd by observing a component called the implied volatility. Without getting overly technical, I look for opportunities where implied volatility is relatively overpriced.

It’s actually pretty simple to observe within my trading platform…there is a feature that quickly provides this information.

By having a process, you’ll be better focused– no more running around like a chicken without a head–searching for an indicator, hot tip, or can’t miss strategy.

By knowing what to look out for and having an outline, you’ll reduce stress when making trading decisions. Knowing when to get out of a position will no longer rattle your brain.

Having a game plan also builds discipline and consistency. A good baseball hitter waits for their pitch; they don’t chase or randomly swing at whatever comes their way. Once you have an approach that statistically works…then it’s all about let the numbers work themselves out.

Believe me…if you trade long enough…you’ll endure some losses; however, if you strikeout, it shouldn’t affect your next opportunity at the plate.

At the end of the day, without having a clear direction, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. Instead of trying to learn how to “pick stocks”, or trying that “one can’t miss” strategy…have a process that yields a positive expectancy.

Of course, before you run…you’ve got to learn how to crawl and walk first. If you’re still in the early stages of your options education…or have been trading options with little to no luck…I highly recommend Fearless Investing With Options. I actually hold your hand and walk you through my entire process.

In Fearless Investing With Options, I go in depth on topics that will further your knowledge such as:

  • The difference between stocks and options…and why options offer a higher probability of success to make money in the markets.
  • How to generate ideas using my specific approach on how to shift the market odds in your favor.
  • Detailed step-by-step checklist to eliminate the guesswork on how to find the best opportunities.
  • My specific techniques that have had the most success over my ten years.
  • An introduction to the SIZZLE Method– how to effectively use unusual options activity to spot rewarding opportunities.
  • Real-life case study that will help you put the entire process into perspective—giving you the blueprint of how profitable trades are put together, executed and managed.

Like I said, it’s the book I wish I had when I first started in this business. However, I didn’t have the know-how back then.

Fearless Investing With Options

How To Prosper With Options In Any Type Of Market To Create Wealth, Freedom & Options

Click here to purchase Josh’s new book today!

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