Am I just Ripping People Off?

He’s not the first or last person to think or ask that.

I received an interesting question from a reader a
few days ago.

I wanted to share it with you because you might
relate to it:

“Which is easier? Making money from trading or
selling stuff to a novice like me?”

As I said, I think it’s a fair question.

And to be honest, I’d have to say they’re both

Let’s face it… there’s no easy way to make
money. Obviously, if there were EVERYBODY would be
doing it.

Now, It sounds like this guy is suggesting I make
more money from selling information about trading,
than from trading itself.

But in my particular case, I’m fortunate to be in
a situation to combine the two, as they both work
hand in hand with each other. And it’s a classic
example of what Options can do for you.

I guess the real question, though… is if I am
qualified to be teaching about trading.

Let me explain…

I started trading at 21 and initially cut my teeth
on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
two years before that.

I had to work my ass off for low wages, commute a
few hours each day, and slowly work my way up the
company. But I was okay with that because I wanted
to go directly to the source and where the action

And during this period, I was able to get the
first-hand experience of how the game works from
the other side of the fence… and that was

So I’ve well and truly paid my dues.

And it’s not like I’ve just slapped up a website
and the money has come rolling in.

But, the good news for you is you can benefit from
my experience… without having to go through the
hard slog that I did.

So think about it, who would you rather be getting
your information from?

Someone who’s read a few books about trading, or
someone who’s been there and done that, like me?

But getting back to the frustrated subscriber
above, I can see where he’s coming from.

It sounds like he’s struggling to succeed with
trading options.

But here’s the thing…

People like him need to realize that as traders,
we’re running a business.

And successful businesses make investments.

Those that are willing to invest see the upside
reward far greater than what they put it in.
That’s successful investing 101.

Now, it’s natural for success minded people to ask
a lot of questions in the beginning and be
skeptical. However, they also understand the
opportunity and are willing to take action to
become the best they possibly can.

And for those of us who are taking this seriously,
we should be thankful for people who aren’t
willing to invest in themselves…

… As it eliminates a LOT of competition.

To finish off… I’m going to answer the question by
asking a question back…

Are you willing to invest into yourself?

If not, then how can you possibly believe you’ll
become a successful investor or trader?

You can’t, right?

But for those who answered yes…

I wrote the book, Fearless Investing With Options,
for beginners, but especially for those who have
tried and continue to struggle.

I can assure you; it’s not just another
meaningless and plain vanilla book about options

Instead, it will teach you how to have an entirely
different mindset to become consistently
profitable options trader over the long-term, with
minimal risk.

So if you can relate to what I’m saying and
haven’t picked it up yet, I highly encourage you
to check it out at:

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

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