Options Are A Dumb Choice Over Owning Stock

I was sitting on the couch and scrolling through
my Facebook newsfeed over the weekend.

While scrolling, I noticed a post from
Investopedia related to options.

There’re some real characters out there which can
be entertaining to read, and the comments on this
post were no exception.

Here’s the rest of what the one guy wrote:

“Unless you’re a professional or strictly trading,
these should not be touted to average investors.

Losses and disappointment are a more likely
outcome. They are best for trading and not
investing long-term or for shorting, which again
is for the more sophisticated trader.”

Here’re some comments from others on the same

“For most retail investors, options are the
fastest way to lose all their money.”

“If you’re in a big hurry to lose all your money,
just donate it to Literary Action or Habitat for
Humanity. Faster and less stressful, yep!”

I shake my head at this, but it’s no mystery why
most aren’t able to get ahead financially.

It’s not a money issue why the wealth gap has
increased between the middle class and the
wealthy; it’s a mindset issue.

The middle class lacks the right information,
desire and knowledge related to investing.

I feel for these people because they are
misinformed, but that’s not your problem.

You’re smarter and ahead of them.

You know that conventional investing approaches
only provide average returns and aren’t going to
get your anywhere.

You want to create more wealth, freedom and
options and to do that; you need to become
fearless independent and consistent money-making

That’s why you’re here, and that’s why I’m here.

This is where you can go to learn exactly how to
do that:


To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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