The Outdated Myth on Who has a Market Ege

Over the weekend, I sparked up an interesting
conversation with an older gentleman while sitting
in the park.

We discussed Trump, Clinton, markets and
technology when out of the blue, he asked me if I
knew what a pinwheel calculator was?

Of course, I didn’t but insisted for me to bring it
up on my phone.

I pulled out my iPhone and quickly typed it into
Google and in seconds, I learned what it was.

He was trying to make a point about technology
today, but I found it funny if I had to imagine
what this thing looked like if we didn’t have
today’s technology.

They are mechanical calculators, but if you
haven’t seen on before the thing is the size of a
case of beer, as ugly as a scarecrow, and clunky
as an old typewriter.

Even as sophisticated as those mechanical
calculators were in the mid-1900’s, they also had
limitations to its capabilities that likely upset

For instance… if you tried to calculate one
divided by zero, it would have a meltdown.

Today, we get upset we get if a website takes
longer than 3 seconds to load.

Just think about how investing and trading was in
the 1950’s.

In those days, there was no direct access online
trading platforms or information to make trading
decisions was limited to newspapers, radio,
television and word of mouth.

So those who were privileged to insider knowledge
had a huge advantage over everybody else.

To say it wasn’t a level playing field was a
massive understatement.

It was tough for the average investor to make any
money at all, even if they could have direct
access to the market in those times.

Fortunately for you and I, technology and
information have dramatically improved.

Fast forward to modern times, and now cutting-edge
information is freely available to everybody.
EVERYTHING you need to know to become a successful
trader is at your fingertips.

There’s a significant change occurring with
middle-class self-directed investors being able to
create success in the financial market with doing
it themselves.

It’s a start of a financial revolution because the
playing field is completely level and the big boys
no longer have the advantages they once had.

But despite this… many still struggle and lose a
lot of money because they still follow the old
school investing tactics.

You see, old school investing tactics are like that
pinwheel calculator.

They may have worked decades ago, but things
change, advance and flaws get exposed.

That’s where I can help and guide you into
becoming a successful self-directed investor.

I can show you a simple methodology that I refer
as the Marketplace Expectation Probability (M.E.P)

The secret is eliminating your gut and ego to
focus on probabilities while minimizing risk for
maximized returns.

It’s completely different than what other options
trading gurus are teaching… and most importantly
it’s what changed my overall trading.

So if you’d like ditch the outdated methodology
and get on the 21st-century path for creating
predictable returns, here’s the first step:

To your wealth, freedom & options!

Joshua Belanger

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