Paper Trading in Your Sex Suit

Earlier today, I nearly spit out my La Croix all
over my computer.

I don’t know if you saw this, but If not, you’re
going to get a kick out of this.

One of the most recent technological advances is
the creation of a virtual reality sex suit.

Yeah, now if you’re into that kind of thing (No
judgement) here’s how it works.

The kit uses a special headset and a bodysuit with
sensors attached.

And the whole point of it is to give men the
notion they’re having intercourse.

It even comes with a moving machine designed to
simulate breasts.

For just $430 you can send impulses all over your
body to make it feel like a woman is touching you.

Oh yeah, baby!

Then the article finishes off with saying (No pun

“The suit is revolutionizing sexual pleasure, and
bringing sexuality to the forefront for all to

Just think about how that conversation would go with the
the wife if she walks in on you all suited up.

It got me thinking, not about the suit, but how
this VR sex suit idea reminds me of simulated
trading or paper trading.

Either way, you’re just living in fantasyland.

You see, in my opinion, paper trading is useless!

The only benefit it provides is first learning how
to use your trading platform.

I know many people say it’s an excellent way to
get started.

But I beg to differ.

Reason being, if you’re serious about trading, you
need to have some skin in the game.

And a sensible way to get started is to put on one
contract, start small, and use defined risk.

Contrary to what you want; it’s not about making
money right away.

It’s about getting going and learning how to stay

Most are not realistic about the game they’re
getting involved with because they are expecting
overnight success, which is just foolish.

Think about it… it’s just like making love.

The 100th time you’ve done it, you’re going to be
MUCH better at it, than the first time around.

But you’ll never make it to the 100th time if you
stay in your comfort zone. Instead, you’ll stay
stuck with something easy like a VR sex suit or
watching internet porn.

So if you’re serious about mastering options
trading and want a teacher you wished you had
when you first lost your virginity.

I’ve interviewed 12 of best traders in the world
who will tell you exactly what to do so you can
quickly create massive success from the markets
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To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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