Proof the “Best” Managers Can’t Always Deliver

Here’s the perfect example that illustrates why
the playing field is even in the financial

You see, the big boys don’t necessarily have an
unfair advantage.

Take Donald Trump for example…

18 out of the 21 Wall Street funds he has invested
in are down so far this year. And they have also
underperformed industry benchmarks in the last 15
months too.

Now, Trump has defended himself by suggesting the
funds have done well over time. And he pointed out
they were only worth around $121 million… a small
fraction of his net worth of $10 billion.

But even so, that’s still a poor record…

Especially for a man who prides himself on his
business acumen.

I mean, think about it…

Trump has the money and contacts to surround
himself with the world’s best talent.

However, the results he’s been receiving are

So the point is… even if you can afford to have
the “best” managers, you can’t RELY on them to
deliver, which is why the playing field is even.

So here’s the fantastic news…

You can beat the big boys at their own game by
making the most of the strategies they refuse to
implement because it’s easier to do nothing and
collect their fee’s.

Unless you were born into wealth, we all start at
the same place.

Back to when I worked on the floor of the Chicago
Mercantile Exchange, some of the most successful
traders were high school dropouts who started with
few thousand dollars and slowly compounded

That is why I see more value talking to “under the
radar” traders than some clueless hedge fund
manager born with a silver spoon and a Harvard
Degree on his wall.

In fact, I think there is so much value hearing
how others trade their money for a living, that I
sat down with 12 various traders who do exactly
that and got them to share their insights and

I think these are the real market wizards of
trading, and I guarantee you that you will learn
one thing listening to them that will help you in
your journey.

If you listen to all of them, and there’s not one
golden nugget you were able to gain in the next 30
days, contact me and tell me that you wasted your

Not only will I refund your money for wasting your
time, but I will also pay you $25 extra for
wasting yours.

This offer won’t stand forever so get them now:

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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