Retirement Bandits Who are Thieving on Your Money

I was telling Nicole earlier that it seems like
people’s desperation are taking an extreme these

Blame it on Obama?

Calm down; I’m just Joshing you but, there was a
wedding crasher known as the ‘bridal bandit’ who
posed as a guest not to enjoy the free food, drink
and maybe a selfie, but to steal gifts and money
from the bride and groom.

She’d show up at weddings, and steal valuables
from rooms and offices when people weren’t

Then, to take it a step further…

The charming lady would use stolen credit cards to
make thousands of dollars of purchases from
various stores.

Sometimes within minutes of vows being taken.

But eventually, she got too greedy and was caught
and was recently sentenced to prison.

Good riddance!

It’s a typical example of a low life that doesn’t
know how to make an honest living and has no shame
in ripping off others.

In some ways, this woman is just like a typical
fund manager or financial advisor.

Now, I know not all fund managers or financial
advisor are like this.

But a lot of them take advantage of their client’s
ignorance and laziness towards investing.

And as you can imagine…

The average person that hires them either knows
very little about financial markets or believes
they can do a better job… so they decide to hand
it over to a “so-called professional.”

Unfortunately, though, it’s quite easy to pull the
wool over a client’s eyes and pretend you’re on
their side.

The harsh reality is many fund managers rip off
their clients with hidden fees, outrageous
commissions, and fail to deliver on their

But that’s what can easily happen when you don’t
educate yourself, and you “trust” other people to
control your financial affairs.

So this is why I recommend you learn how to invest
your money sensibly…

Because let’s face it… no one is going to be as
motivated to make the right decisions about your
finances, like yourself.


Personally and statistically, trading options are
the best vehicle to use to build wealth and
generate income.

You get to benefit from leverage, and the risk can
easily be mitigated when you know what you’re

That is why I think it’s essential to listen and
learn from actual investors who have been able
to master options trading and crush it in any

If you’re tired of struggling and getting ripped
off, then you’ll get a ton of value from these 12
savvy investors who provide their advice on how
you can take it to the next level and generate
that SIZZLE.

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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