Sage Advice on Taking 6,500 to 1.5m in 6 Trades

I saw this ridiculous post today from a day
trading and options trading group on Facebook.

The trader and fearless leader of this group has
4,313 subscribed and looking for guidance on how
to trade their money.

I’m not here to pick on anyone or call them out
because that’s not what’s important to me.

However, I want to share with you that taking and
keeping money in the market is tough, but it’s not
impossible especially when most are… (I’ll be nice
here)… clueless.

Most think the enemy is the person on the other
side of the trade, but it’s yourself.

It’s you because success is having the right
knowledge, risk and discipline to keep consistent
and on the path during adversity.

Many approach the market in many different ways.

As you know, few succeed and most lose.

I think this will provide insight on why most lose

I wanted to share with you what this guy advised
his group they could do, and you can do to if you

“Did you know that if you start with just $6,500
and wait for the right trade and the right setup
that with just 6 successful trades in a row you
can turn that $6,500 into $1,586,912.50?!

Well, if you wait for the right trades and get
just 6 winning trades that cost 20 cents to be
worth a max of .50 which would be a 150% gain per
trade, that you would only need 6 trades like this
to turn $6,500 into over 1.5 million dollars!

That is why I preach patience; this is why I say
don’t trade just to trade! Because with waiting
for the right trade and being disciplined you can
take a few thousand dollars and turn it into over
1.5 million!”


I guess if the moon aligns with the stars exactly
at 11:11 on the third solstice, a virgin unicorn
gets its first horn, and 10 pigs fly in a row,
this could be possible.

How do you know when those exact opportunities
will show up?


I suppose while we wait from those exact signals
to align, there’s this approach with being
strategic with options with focusing on realistic
and predetermine outcomes; which I outline in this
book here:

To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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