Wheel of Fortune Approach to Profitable Trading

Quick question.

…. What do options trading and the game show
“Wheel of Fortune” have in common?

Can you guess?

The answer is if you study the probabilities and
predetermined outcomes of both it is possible to
create predictable results.

For example, Robert Santoli recently took home
$76,000 from “Wheel of Fortune”.

Later he revealed he’d methodically studied 13
years of clues from websites that archived the
puzzles, and created spreadsheets to document his

So let’s compare him to the majority of the other

You know, the ones who come on with minimal
preparation and try to “wing it” on the night.

I guess it is possible on some occasions the stars
will align, and they might win without any
preparation or real understanding of how the game

But if you’re playing against someone like Robert,
you’re going to get beaten like a red haired

You see, Robert has an in-depth understanding of
what has worked in the past. He knows the
strategies required to win.

And you know what?

With trading, it’s the same scenario.

The majority either hand it over to a
“professional”, or they take the hard road of
trying to figure it out themselves learning on the

Unfortunately, both of these scenarios are doomed
to failure more often than not.

Reason being, they’re leaving things up to chance,

A far smarter way to approach being successful at
investing is to follow similar principles to what
Robert used to win Wheel Of Fortune.

The ironic thing is that I teach you a similar
approach in the book I wrote called “Fearless
Investing With Options”.

In that book, you’ll learn exactly how to leverage
successfully to reduce your risk and take
money from the market and keep it!

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To your wealth, freedom and options!

Joshua Belanger

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